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Home About Tom Essays Plant Profiles Tom s Blog Links and Resources Fun Stuff Contact Geranium Both are sterile and because they don’t exhaust themselves producing seed they put on a nonstop display from late spring into autumn Even score Although both are the same medium blue violet the flowers of ‘Orion’ are more saturated and less diluted with pink ‘Orion’ 2 ‘Rozanne’ 1 The flowers of ‘Orion’ are a full two inches across sometimes more while the flowers of ‘Rozanne’ are an inch and a half ‘Orion’ 3 ‘Rozanne’ 1 ‘Orion’ blooms much more abundantly than ‘Rozanne’ ‘Orion’ 4 ‘Rozanne’ 1 The foliage of ‘Orion’ turns a gorgeous scarlet in autumn and holds that color for several weeks ‘Orion’ 5 ‘Rozanne’ 1 Buxton’s Variety’ and G himalayense ‘Orion’ was discovered by Dutch nurseryman Brian Kabbes and is a hybrid between G himalayense ‘Gravetye’ and G ‘Brookside’ which is in turn a cross between G pratense and G clarkei ‘Kashmir Purple’ Thanks to the vigorous attentions of Blooms of Bressingham ‘Rozanne’ has sold more than 8 million plants and been the subject of much adoring commentary ‘Orion’ only began to attract notice when another Dutch nurseryman Coen Jansen entered it in the Wisley hardy geranium trials whereupon it was given an Award of Garden Merit OK OK so ‘Rozanne’ has an Award of Garden Merit too Should you hoick out your ‘Rozannes’ and plant ‘Orion ’ Who am I to say You may have a sentimental attachment to ‘Rozanne’ De gustibus and all that But I promise you—if you see ‘Orion’ in its full glory—accompanied perhaps by Baptisia ‘Carolina Moonlight’ and Salvia nemorosa ‘Caradonna’—you’ll be tempted to croon to ‘Rozanne’ “Oh well it was swell why it lasted We did have fun and no harm done ” B 2–2 in across with pink veins Bloom time late spring–autumn Leaves palmately lobed deeply cut medium green turning bright scarlet in autumn Exposure full sun flowering will be sparser in part shade Soil well drained moderately fertile Water needs medium irrigate during periods of prolonged drought Propagation by division in spring Sources Geraniaceae Digging Dog Nursery Back from Hiatus Hello from China Elymus magellanicus Bluest of the Blue Grasses Categories Bulbosity 3 By Design 1 Chez Tom 2 Deep Thoughts 2 Desperate Measures 1 Getting a Bit Ranty 1 I Read It in a Book 1 It& 039 s Always Five O& 039 Clock Somewhere 1 Just for Fun 2 Kerfuffles and Hooha 1 None of the Above 2 Perennial Pleasures 2 Print Persists 1 Rumored in the Bazaar 1 Superior Shrubs 1 To Plant a Seed 2 Share This Site RSS del icio us facebook digg twitter Home About Essays Plant Profiles Blog Links