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Home About Contact My Webshops Etsy Clipart Shop Etsy Blog Business Shop Creative Market The Hungry JPEG Design Bundles Creative Fabrica Tips Blogger Template Guide Blogger Tutorials Blogger Sidebar Widget Wordpress Blog Series Blog Business Digital Design Image Editing Freebies Sharing is Caring Blog Related Items Clipart Labels Borders Blogger templates Adobe Photoshop templates and other digital items for creative people Feel welcome to follow along with my creative journey Find Me Here Instagram Google Bloglovin Pinterest Etsy Email Follow Email Subscription Powered by Creative Market Powered by Creative Market Popular Posts How To Add A Direct Download Link To Blogger Posts How To Add More Fonts To Photoscape Adding a good search description to your Blogger posts How to create pages and link them to labels in Blogger Archive Blogger The Dutch Lady Designs is a small graphic design company based in The Netherlands It specializes in the design of clipart digital scrapbook papers Adobe Photoshop card templates logos and premade Blogger templates This website was created to spread some creative love and fun Feel free to nose around on this website or in my online shops Blogger Theme Created by pipdig