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Go to main site News EPFL ENAC SB STI IC SV CDM CDH Search Search Search FR EN Menu News EPFL ENAC SB STI IC SV CDM CDH News Mediacom Filter your search Filters Filter by theme Basic Sciences Health Computer Science Engineering Environment Buildings Culture Economy Energy Filter by faculty CDH CDM ENAC IC SB STI SV Filter by category EPFL Education Research Innovation Campus Life Search Brain Mind Institute and Dominique de Quervain University of Basel have founded stressnetwork ch a network of over 30 renowned scientists from Swiss universities working in different areas of stress A new EPFL fund rewards nine open science ideas Published 04 02 19 — The first call for proposal for the EPFL Open Science Fund attracted nearly 50 propositions Nine projects were selected and will receive support to develop ideas fostering open and reproducible research on campus and beyond Intuition and failure are valuable ingredients in chemistry Published 01 02 19 — When researchers make a new discovery they tend to only publish the results of their successful experiments But just as informative are all the experiments that didn’t work – the failed trials and incorrect hypotheses which can offer important information A team of EPFL chemists has developed a methodology for collecting those lessons and crucially sharing them with other researchers Using artificial intelligence to save bees Published 30 01 19 — A beekeeper teamed up with the Signal Processing Laboratory 5 and a group of EPFL students to develop an app that counts the number of Varroa mites in beehives This parasite is one of the two main threats – along with pesticides – to bees’ long term survival Knowing the extent of the mites’ infestation will allow beekeepers to protect their bees more effectively Previous 1 2 Current page 3 4 5 … 252 253 Next Login Contact EPFL CH 1015 Lausanne 41 21 693 11 11 Follow the pulses of EPFL on social networks Follow us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Follow us on Instagram Follow us on Youtube Follow us on Google Follow us on LinkedIn Accessibility Legal notice