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THE 3D EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE HYPERCONNECTED BUSINESS IN THE AGE OF EXPERIENCE CREATING DISRUPTIVE OPPORTUNITY THROUGH NETWORKED COMMUNITIES BRAID THE NEW WORLD BOOST YOUR ORGANIZATION INTO THE DIGITAL ERA A TALE OF TWO CITIES DETROIT AND MUNICH HYPERCONNECTED BUSINESS IN THE AGE OF EXPERIENCE BRAID THE NEW WORLD A TALE OF TWO CITIES DETROIT AND MUNICH SUBSCRIBE BROWSE COMPASS MAGAZINE COMPASS MAGAZINE 9 EDITORIAL BERNARD CHARLÈS EDITORIAL Monica Menghini NEWS HAVE YOU HEARD COVER STORY HYPERCONNECTED BUSINESS PLACEMENT GETS PERSONAL THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE WORKFORCE DISRUPTION EXPERT OPINION BUSINESS BRAID THE NEW WORLD A TALE OF TWO CITIES THE FUTURE OF WORK RESEARCH CLOSING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE TOWARD A FUSION POWERED FUTURE SOCIETY ANIMAL ADVOCATES A GRAYING WORLD EDUCATION PERSONALIZED EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING INDUSTRY PRECISION MEDICINE A MODEL IN THE MAKING FROM EQUIPMENT TO OUTCOMES CLIMATE CHANGE CAR SHARING CHALLENGE A UNIQUE EVOLUTION PERSONALIZED ASSETS THE LAST MILE OF DISTRIBUTION ULTRA EFFICIENT RETAIL PANORAMA TARA DONOVAN BASIL TWIST COMPASS MAGAZINE 9 EDITORIAL BERNARD CHARLÈS EDITORIAL EDITORIAL Monica Menghini NEWS HAVE YOU HEARD COVER STORY HYPERCONNECTED BUSINESS COVER STORY PLACEMENT GETS PERSONAL COVER STORY THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE COVER STORY WORKFORCE DISRUPTION COVER STORY EXPERT OPINION BUSINESS BRAID THE NEW WORLD BUSINESS A TALE OF TWO CITIES BUSINESS THE FUTURE OF WORK RESEARCH CLOSING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE RESEARCH TOWARD A FUSION POWERED FUTURE SOCIETY ANIMAL ADVOCATES SOCIETY A GRAYING WORLD EDUCATION PERSONALIZED EDUCATION EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY AND TRAINING INDUSTRY PRECISION MEDICINE INDUSTRY A MODEL IN THE MAKING INDUSTRY FROM EQUIPMENT TO OUTCOMES INDUSTRY CLIMATE CHANGE INDUSTRY CAR SHARING CHALLENGE INDUSTRY A UNIQUE EVOLUTION INDUSTRY PERSONALIZED ASSETS INDUSTRY THE LAST MILE OF DISTRIBUTION INDUSTRY ULTRA EFFICIENT RETAIL PANORAMA TARA DONOVAN PANORAMA BASIL TWIST 9 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ALL COVER STORY BUSINESS RESEARCH SOCIETY EDUCATION INDUSTRY PANORAMA 9 COVER STORY HYPERCONNECTED BUSINESS Always and everywhere connectivity is re inventing every aspect of business As mobile devices proliferate individuals generate data trails that businesses can use to instantly fulfill every whim Things too are getting connected through the Internet of Things IoT raising the level of customer experience The result is a hyperconnected world where communities collaborate to solve challenges and every company must rethink its fundamental assumptions about the business it is in the services it provides and its relationships with customers competitors and the world at large 9 COVER STORY PLACEMENT GETS PERSONAL Marketing tech delivers customized messages to each consumer You Google “green stilettos ” Minutes later the pages you surf all feature advertisements for high heels How Your browsing ‘cookie’ relayed your search to an ad placement algorithm which processed automated bids from companies eager to sell just what you want to buy Personalized advertising is just one way that hyperconnected technology is enabling 1 1 marketing … and the bots will only get smarter 9 COVER STORY THE VOICE OF EXPERIENCE Arnaud Ribault Executive Director Global Sales But transaction costs are the entire reason for vertical integration So in many instances vertically integrated business definitions are breaking up This redefines not just businesses but entire industries 9 BUSINESS BRAID THE NEW WORLD Boost your organization into the digital era Today’s world is hyperconnected and constantly evolving Yet many organizations retain hierarchical models that limit interconnections Theano Advisors advocates a new approach that uses ‘braids’ to empower teams and individuals through information and data exchange shared contributions to meaningful purposes and real time collaboration 9 BUSINESS A TALE OF TWO CITIES Detroit and Munich Similar cities with very different challenges As city officials prepare to gather July 10 14 in Singapore for the 2016 World Cities Summit Compass compares two cities – Detroit and Munich – where the automotive industry is paramount but each city’s future holds very different challenges Still both cities see realistic 3D modeling as an important piece of planning their evolutions 9 BUSINESS THE FUTURE OF WORK With automation poised to put millions out of work economists debate if growth can create enough new ones Since the 1970s automation has eliminated the jobs of millions of bank tellers retail  cashiers travel agents airline front desk workers and manufacturing employees With  the jobs of truck drivers airline pilots and even medical doctors now at risk as well it sometimes feels as if every human job except those of computer coders is destined to  disappear Compass examines the jobs at risk and the forces at work 9 RESEARCH CLOSING THE DIGITAL DIVIDE Low Earth orbit satellites aim to beam affordable internet everywhere The lack of affordable readily available internet access in remote and low income areas of the globe has been blamed for limiting economic opportunity in the developing world Using a variety of technologies – from low altitude satellites to balloons – startup companies and online leaders are racing to change that equation 9 RESEARCH TOWARD A FUSION POWERED FUTURE Scientists express confidence that fusion will provide all the energy future generations need The potential of fusion power has been touted for almost a century Although commercial production may not happen for decades and renewable energy enthusiasts complain that megaprojects like ITER are resources away from more near term solutions small private startups report encouraging results that could make fusion a reality sooner 9 SOCIETY ANIMAL ADVOCATES Changing social perceptions of animal well being impact all kinds of businesses Mahatma Gandhi once said “One can measure the greatness and the moral progress of a nation by looking at how it treats its animals ” Today as consumers become increasingly convinced that animals are sentient beings with legal rights Gandhi’s standard is being applied to businesses as well 9 SOCIETY A GRAYING WORLD As the global population ages experts debate Is it apocalypse Or opportunity For years demographers policy planners and politicians have fretted over the “silver tsunami” of worldwide aging Recently however new thinking has emerged that challenges traditionally negative views about older societies Gray these ideas suggest may actually be good But filtering out the data noise to find the true science remains challenging 9 INDUSTRY INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT A MODEL IN THE MAKING Engineering complex systems involves unifying multiple disciplines which often operate in silos and use a wide range of incompatible tools Engineering for the Internet of Things IoT demands even more interconnections Virtual prototyping with a model based systems engineering MBSE approach – which uses integrated 3D digital simulations of all systems working together – promises relief 9 INDUSTRY INDUSTRIAL EQUIPMENT FROM EQUIPMENT TO OUTCOMES Thanks to continued growth of the Internet of Things IoT today’s industrial engineering pioneers can sell far more than their machines By guaranteeing uptime offering pay asyou go services and more they’re rewriting the rules of competition and profitability in their industry 9 INDUSTRY ENERGY PROCESS BILITY CAR SHARING CHALLENGE Disruptive automotive trends including autonomous driving connected vehicles and especially car sharing are redefining customary vehicle ownership patterns and with them the automotive sector Disruption can feel uncomfortable but experts point out that it can also spur new ways of thinking – and traditional manufacturers are responding to the challenge 9 INDUSTRY TRANSPORTATION BILITY A UNIQUE EVOLUTION XYT originally founded in 2007 as France Craft builds light modular vehicles that consist of only 600 parts versus the typical 6 000 to 10 000 Using a modular design approach the vehicles can be personalized and upgraded simply by replacing the modular components Compass spoke to Simon Mencarelli CEO and co founder of XYT about what makes the startup and its vehicles unique and what they may indicate about the automotive market’s future 9 INDUSTRY FINANCIAL BUSINESS SERVICES PERSONALIZED ASSETS Asset management and securities services organizations juggle competing priorities challenged to deliver customer centric products while increasing efficiencies and ensuring transparency Compass asked Amin Rajan CEO of CREATE Research an independent global forecasting center based in the UK how asset management and securities services firms can rise to the challenge 9 INDUSTRY CONSUMER PACKAGED GOODS BUTION The distance between the retailer and consumers’ hands is a rich source of engagement and the focus of intense competition as both online and brick and mortar merchants work to deliver the experience consumers want 9 INDUSTRY CONSUMER PACKAGED GOODS By combining electronic shelf labels with digital services on the 3DEXPERIENCE business solutions platform the partnership enables services such as ‘click and collect ’ which permits customers to purchase products online and then pick them up at the retailer’s nearest physical store Compass asked Guillaume Portier vice president of marketing at SES imagotag about the project 9 PANORAMA TARA DONOVAN Making the mundane marvelous Known for her large scale site specific installations New York based artist Tara Donovan has earned acclaim for transforming how people view everyday objects and for making the ordinary extraordinary 9 PANORAMA BASIL TWIST Re creating life with a flourish Basil Twist an innovative New York based theater artist and third generation puppeteer has taken the primal art form’s focus on blurring the boundaries between the animate and inanimate to new heights Compass spoke to Twist a 2015 MacArthur Fellow to learn more about the creative genius that led to the distinguished award 9 EDITORIAL EDITORIAL Monica Menghini Executive Vice President Chief Strategy Officer Dassault Systèmes Barrier Reef Equipped with stereoscopic cameras and COTS detecting software that can identify the starfish in a complex reef environment plus thrusters GPS pitch and roll sensors and a lethal injection system a fleet of COTSbots will help human divers reduce the population of coral eating COTS which die within 24 hours of being injected Scientists are seeking funding to adapt the robot for other marine threats HARVESTING ENERGY FROM SWAYING PLASTIC Scientists at Georgia Institute of Technology USA have designed a wind power generator made of flexible plastic strips with nanowires on one side and an indium tin oxide coating on the other As the strips sway in the wind the two edges briefly touch causing electrons to jump from one side to the other and creating an electrical current Unlike conventional wind turbines the “triboelectric nanogenerator” harvests energy “from natural wind blowing in any direction ” project scientist Weiqing Yang said and works where turbines are difficult to install Laboratory tests have shown that 60 strips can generate enough energy to power 60 LEDs DRAWING IN 3D Hong Kong based technology company WobbleWorks has developed a 3D printing pen used to draw physical objects in midair The 3Doodler has strands of 3D printing plastic which are heated and extruded through a nozzle while drawing The plastic cools and dries when exposed to air In addition to arts and crafts WobbleWorks co founder Maxwell Bogue sees potential uses in education and the creation of Braille learning aids The company recently released the lighter and slimmer 3Doodler 2 0 The Pen Project Book retails for less than US 100 and is available at WEARABLE PATCH MONITORS EXPOSURE TO UV RAYS French cosmetics giant L’Oréal has developed My UV Patch an ultrathin smart skin patch used to track wearers’ exposure to harmful UV rays People who wish to measure their exposure need only photograph the patch and upload the image to a mobile app L’Oréal said it developed the patch technology to educate people about skin protection and aid the company in developing new methods to monitor reactions to future products The free disposable patch will be launched in the third quarter of 2016 in 16 countries TRANSMITTING DATA THROUGH LIGHTBULBS As mobile and Internet of Things devices multiply the quantity of transmitted data pureLiFi Limited and a team of scientists at the University of Edinburgh UK are using ordinary LED light to transmit data faster than ordinary Wi Fi Laboratory tests have shown that “Li Fi” can download the equivalent of 18 1 5 GB movies per second according to Harald Haas pureLiFi’s co founder and chief scientific officer Unlike Wi Fi whose waves are vulnerable to hackers the Li Fi data stream is secure because its signal cannot pass through walls users must be present in the room to access the data Li Fi also is safer for use by hospitals and by people suffering from electro sensitivity because it does not generate electromagnetic interference THE 3D EXPERIENCE MAGAZINE Categories All Cover Story Business Research Society Education Industry Panorama Contact us Feedback Subscribe Follow us on facebook Follow us on twitter Follow us on linkedin