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Newsletter Donate Facebook Twitter Youtube Menu About About EHT Our Mission Awards Press Kits Media Inquiries Who We Are About Dr Davis Meet the Team Board Business Advisory Group Scientific Advisory Group Contact Us Want to find out more information about environmental health risks or about EHT’s current efforts and projects Fill out the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible For interview inquiries please state Box 58 Teton Village WY 83025 Express mail should be sent to 7100 N Rachel Way Unit 6 Eagles Rest Teton Village WY 83025 FOR URGENT MEDIA INQUIRIES PLEASE CONTACT BOTH BELOW Theodora Scarato Executive Director Email AND Janet Vasquez JV Public Relations NY 212 645 5498 Email Close Key Issues Cell Phones Wireless Autism ADHD and Wireless Electromagnetic Fields Cell Phones Cell Phones and Breast Cancer Cell Phone Survivors Body Burden Environmental Health Resources Breast Cancer Brochures Lead The Public To Misinterpret That Wireless is Safe Research on Industry Influence on EMFs Harvard Press Book on Telecom Industry Influence To The US FCC – Captured Agency by Norm Alster Legal Liability Reports and White Papers of Insurance Industry Telecom and Insurance Companies Warn of Liability and Risk Corporate Company Investor Warnings in Annual Reports 10k Filings Cell Phone Radiation Risks Electromagnetic Field Insurance Policy Exclusions Cell Phone Wireless Radiation Litigation Close Policy International Database of Worldwide Policies on Cell Phones Wireless and Health Teacher Unions PTAs on Wi Fi Schools Worldwide Removing the Wi Fi and Reducing Exposure Resources for Policy Makers Doctors Body Contact Position Letters and Testimony on Health Effects of Cell Phones and Wireless Radiation Industry Influence To Policy Research on Industry Influence on EMFs The Danish Cohort Cell Phone and Cancer Study Wireless Industry Manual To Calm Public History 2007 University of Pittsburgh Medical Center for Environmental Oncology Cancer Institute FAQs about Cancer and the Environment Firefighters Oppose Towers Schools Ban Cell Phones United States United States – Policy Recommendations On Cell Phones Wireless Radiation Bills Streamlining Wireless Berkeley Cell Phone Right to Know Ordinance Congressional Hearings on Health Effects of Cell Phones The FCC Approves 5G Millimeter Wave Spectrum Frontiers Outdated FCC “Safety” Standards EHT Comments to the FCC on Wireless Industry Submissions Outdated ANSI and IEEE Standards Maine’s Wireless Protection Act CDC Bees Butterflies and Wildlife Research on Electromagnetic Fields and the Environment Pregnancy Wireless and Electromagnetic Fields The Co Carcinogenic and Synergistic Effects of Electromagnetic Field Radiation Exposures Headaches Rising Brain Cancer Brain Development Cell Phones And Wireless Metal Braces Earrings And Hip Replacements Metal Increases Wireless Exposure Trees Bees Research Studies to Know Research Study Updates NIH National Toxicology Program Cell Phone Radiofrequency Carcinogenicity Radiation Study Cell Phone Radiation Alters Brain Metabolic Activity National Institutes of Health Volkow 2011 Peer Reviewed Research Studies on Wi Fi Radiation Top Experimental and Epidemiological Studies The Danish Cohort Cell Phone and Cancer Study Science For Skeptics Medical Doctors Consensus Statements and Recommendations on Cell Phones Wireless Myth vs Fact on the The National Toxicology Program Cell Phone Cancer Study Science for Skeptics Myth Versus Fact on Cell Phones and Wi Fi Wi Fried Scientific Response to Criticisms of ABC Catalyst Program on WiFi Health Concerns Research on Cell Tower Radiation Key Scientific Lectures Video 2018 The Dramatic Changes on the Planet and the Hellenic Roots of Ecological Ethics 2017 Scientific Panel on Current Research 2017 Reykjavik Conference on Technology Wireless Radiation and Children’s Health 2017 Expert Forum Wireless Radiation and Human Health Israel Institute for Advanced Studies at Hebrew University 2016 Cell Phones Wireless And Children’s Health Symposium Pediatric Academic Societies 2015 Dr Davis Delivered the Dean& 8217 s Lecture at Melbourne School of Engineering 2015 Boston Massachusetts Statehouse Briefing on Cell Phone Radiation 2015 George Washington University Lecture on Science and Policy 2015 Dr Devra Davis and Dr Charlie Teo at University of New South Wales Law School 2015 Expert Panel Discussion on Children and Wireless For Parents 2015 Santa Clara County Medical Association Alliance Foundation Forum 2015 Synergies Between EMF and Chemical Exposures Royal Academy of Medicine Belgium 2014 The Real Truth About Health Conference 2013 Commonwealth Club Expert Panel 2012 National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences Lecture 2012 National Press Club Expert Lecture 2011 The Center for Wireless Safety& 8217 s Berkeley CA 2009 Expert Conference on Cell Phone Radiation Industry Influence Science Research on Industry Influence on EMFs Close Educate Yourself Simple Steps 10 Tips To Reduce Cell Phone Radiation 10 Steps to Safer Technology at Home How To Reduce Exposure To Wireless Radiation 10 Things To Improve Personal Bees Butterflies and Wildlife Property Values Decrease American Academy of Pediatrics on Cell Towers Letters from Doctors Firefighters Oppose Cell Towers Insurance White Papers Cell Towers at Schools Cell Tower Companies Warn Shareholders of Risk Insurance Company Exclusions Study Found Damage in Human Blood FCC Limits 5G Technology Cell Tower Safety Issues Close Take Action Cell Phone and Wireless Proclamation Toolkit The Cell Phone Right to Know ToolKit Social Media Toolkit Social Media Graphics Schools Programs Donate Stock Donate Internship and Volunteer Opportunities Wi Fi In Schools Action on 5G Close Resources to Share Printables Factsheets Postcards Posters Letters From Doctors on WiFi in Schools And Cell Towers On Schools Doctors Letters on 5G Small Cells Documents Factsheets Expert Briefings Books Dr Davis& 8217 s Book Picks DISCONNECT The Secret History of the War on Cancer When Smoke Ran Like Water News Newsletters Press Releases EHT in the Press Print Media Dr Davis’ Popular Articles Dr Davis Talks BC CNN Sanjay Gupta on Cell Phones and Wireless Radiation Close The Internet Of Things Poses Human Health Risks Read More Scientists Question The Safety Of Untested 5G Technology At International Conference phonegate Cell Phone Radiation Exceeds Limits When Tested At Body Contact Position Learn More Wireless Radiation and Health Read More Expert Forum on Environmental Health Research and Policy Priorities American Academy Of Pediatrics Issues New Recommendations To “Reduce Exposure To Cell Phones” Read More Countries worldwide are taking action on cell phones Learn More 25 Million U S Government Study Finds Cell Phones Cause Cancer Read More STUDY FAQ S Save the Girls Doctors warn that unusual breast cancers are occurring in women who stored cell phones in their bra Learn More our mission The Environmental Health Trust carries out cutting edge research to understand and reduce environmental health risks Breaking News Blumenthal Raises Concerns on 5G Wireless Technology s Potential Health Risks READ MORE February 8 2019 0 United Educators of San Francisco Webinar on Technology Safety in READ MORE January 13 2019 0 U S Senator Richard Blumenthal and U S Representative Anna G Eshoo READ MORE December 6 2018 0 Peterborough Ontario Canada Issues Information on Accommodation Measures for Electromagnetic READ MORE December 4 2018 0 What the 5G GiveAway Means for Teton County READ MORE November 28 2018 0 Pima County AZ 5G Awareness Coalition Public Forum Is 5G READ MORE November 21 2018 0 Fiorella Belpoggi PhD Ramazzini Institute Carcinogenic effect of base station READ MORE November 21 2018 0 What s Your Why Podcast With Dr Devra Davis READ MORE November 16 2018 0 Rapid Fire What Brain and Sperm Share and Why READ MORE November 15 2018 0 Statement by Ronald Melnick PhD on the National Toxicology Program READ MORE November 14 2018 0 “Clear Evidence of Cancer” from Cell Phone Radiation U S National READ MORE November 13 2018 0 “Clear Evidence that Radiofrequency Radiation is a Multi‑site Carcinogen” Hardell READ MORE November 7 2018 0 View All Scientists Speak On Cell Phone Health Risks New To This Issue Click Below to Read Our Top Ten Facts About Cell Phones Top 10 Facts Resources on 5G Cell Phone Radiation Infographic Click to download and share PDF State House Briefing 2015 Expert Briefing to Massachusetts Legislatures on Cell Phone Radiation recent tweets Enviro Health Trust Follow Enviro Health Trust saferphones Brain and Sperm Share https t co aW7GBv5Uub Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter 2 Like on Twitter 3 Twitter Enviro Health Trust saferphones B that carried out experiments on U S diplomats in China and Cuba as well as others Just sayin https t co zKErhWHfcw Reply on Twitter Retweet on Twitter Like on Twitter 3 Twitter Load More EHT is a 501 C 3 501 C 3 IRS Registered Public Charity EIN number 20 7498107 Environmental Health Trust take action Your support makes a huge difference newsletter To receive email updates environmental tips promotions to support our work and more from EHT please sign up latest newsletters Jul 2018 Jun 2018 May 2018 hot off the press Cyprus Issues Decree Banning Wireless From Kindergarten And Elementary School Classrooms Maryland State Children’s Environmental Health And Protection Advisory Council Recommendations To Reduce Wi Fi Research Findings Presented At International Conference Link Cell Phone Microwave Radiation To Cancer Low Birth Weight And Sperm Damage Cell Phones Wireless And Children’s Health Symposium 2016 Pediatric Academic Societies Scientists Question The Safety Of Untested 5G Technology At International Conference California Department Of Health Releases Cell Phone Warning Same As Issued A Decade Ago Review Paper Finds Evidence That EMF Contributes To Infertility American Academy of Pediatrics Issues New Recommendations to Reduce Exposure to Cell Phones Email us at email& 160 protected Mailing address P O Box 58 Teton Village WY 83025 Express mail should be sent to 7100 N Rachel Way Unit 6 Eagles Rest Teton Village WY 83025 About Environmental Health Trust EHT Key Issues Policy Science Educate Yourself Take Action Resources to Share Media BSCRIBE NOW Thank you for signing up for our newsletter